Catamaran 50"

Cancun, Mexico


Duration: Minimum 4 hrs.
Group size: 45
Cabins: 1
Bathroom: 2


The route is Cancún – Isla Mujeres:

The tour includes water, soft drinks, beers, unlimited national open bar (rum, tequila, vodka, whiskey) and snorkeling equipment.

This beautiful 50-foot boat has a large deck, two bathrooms, and a couple of diving boards to enjoy the view. Also, relax in your cabin, or heart, an intense red color that contrasts with the turquoise of the sea.

What is included?

24 beers.
24 soft drinks.
24 bottles of water.
Does not include food.
Does not include DJ services.
Does not include theme decoration.

Additional services

We want you to enjoy your experience pleasantly, we put at your disposal additional services and a delicious and varied menu. See details.
Cancellation policy
Due to definitive cancellation by the client, no refund of the advance payment is made. How not to lose the advance? Postponing available date and time. Read terms and conditions.
Price for 4 hrs.
$2,200ºº USD
287 Reviews
Pier tax is additional: $20 USD per person.
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Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club, Km 5.8, Blvd. Kukulcan, Hotel Zone, Cancun. Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

We share with you the questions that our clients frequently ask. You can also contact us via email, phone call or messaging and we will be happy to answer your questions.

How to book?
  • 1. Contact us.
  • 2. Send us the boat you are interested in.
  • 3. Ask for the dates and free time.
  • 4. Choose a free date and the free time.
  • 5. Pay the amount we request as an advance of the cost of the rent via bank or in cash to the authorized staff to book the tour.
  • 6. Wait for the date and time.
  • 7. Go to the place on the agreed day and time.
  • 8. Pay the remaining amount of the cost of the rent before leaving for the walk to the authorized personnel.
  • 9. Ready, now enjoy your walk. Good luck and enjoy the sea!
Should the time of the service be respected?

Yes, the duration of the ride must be respected, at the end of the agreed hours the customers will be returned to the place where they sailed from (Place where the boat left).

What happens if the weather is not favorable before the date?

If the weather is not favorable before the date, the date and time of the tour is postponed. If the weather is not favorable during the service, the service is not postponed.

What happens if the weather is not favorable during the service?

If during the service the weather is not favorable, it is no longer under our responsibility, the date or time is not postponed in this case. There is no refund of the amount paid.

How much do you pay to book?

It is reserved with the amount requested by us (varies of the boat and type of service).

What happens if for some reason of maintenance and/or damage the boat cannot leave?

The date and time is postponed, at the customer's decision. In some cases it can be rewarded with overtime or with some extra courtesy.

How many days in advance should it be booked?

We recommend to book 3 to 7 days in advanced before the date chosen for the tour.

What are the payment methods?

Bank transfer, deposit or cash.

What happens if I want to cancel the reservation permanently?

BOAT CANCUN S.A. DE C.V. makes a penalty for cancellation of the reservation on the part of the client in a definitive state, with the amount requested as an advance to make the reservation successfully. To avoid such a situation, the date and time must be postponed at least 3 days in advance.

What is the time to postpone a date?

Minimum 3 days in advance.


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